Case Studies

Discover how brands and businesses are using Frills to up their customer network.

Wicked Ride – Organic Outreach

  • Driven and personal stories from fellow travellers.
  • The for-rent product line received 5X more leads.
  • Customer retention value saw a significant increase due to personal branded and involving experience.

Frangout Re-Convert

  • Frangout saw 5X increase in referral links
  • More than 3X expected organic sales.
  • Frangout noticed brand value increased over the week.

Bewakoof – Repeat Sales

  • The storified and context relevant posts encouraged more consumers to share the posts
  • Discover what people are using and in turn buy the product highlighted in the campaign.
  • Leads from eCommerce checkout pages, followers from social media and referral links end up at one page and interact with messenger bot to post images


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